Clifford’s Tower

Clifford’s Tower

Clifford’s Tower is a a fantastic tourist attraction in the heart of York, and you’ll always see people either peering up the hill at the great monument, or people marching up the steep staircase.  Make it to the top, and you’ll get some fantastic shots of the city, and can get close up to some gorgeous architecture, which  is the largest remaining piece of York Castle.


There are years of history behind the Tower, as the original timber tower dates back to the 11th Century.  The wooden tower was burnt to the ground in 1190, as horrifying result of a rumour that King Richard I wanted to massacre all Jews.  The Jewish community hid within the tower, and eventually committed mass suicide rather than be killed by angry mobs outside.  The mobs set fire to the tower, and those Jews that did survive, were killed on the hill.


The tower was rebuilt, but it was until the middle of the 13th Century, that King Henry III rebuilt the tower with the stone that we enjoy today.

Clifford’s Tower has become one of the best loved landmarks in York, and if you haven’t already stopped by, make the time to soak up a wonderful piece of York heritage.


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