Get Healthy, Stay Healthy!

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy!

Welcome December! Probably the most awkward month of the year. You wanted to be in great shape for the work Christmas party, as well as Christmas day. But there’s temptation everywhere – chocolates, mince pies, alcohol. You don’t want to feel deprived, but never seem to get anywhere feeling healthier or happier, so each December feels exactly the same as the last.

We have some tips to start making a few changes, without having to feel deprived, that can take you into the New Year. If you make small positive changes instead of trying to change a lot of big things at once, you’re more likely to stick with them until they become a natural habit. Keep doing these small changes and maybe next December you’ll feel a totally different person, and the healthy changes will be with you for life. Don’t feel like you have to change everything right now, or you have to be perfect for this Christmas. You have all your life, and you want to make changes that will stick and that you will enjoy, so you can be happy and healthy for the rest of your life.

Start with one or a few of the following positive changes and add in others when you feel ready.

  1. Start your day with a large glass of water. 500ml to 1 litre will do it. You can add in flavours such as fresh squeezed lemon, or let it sit in the fridge overnight with some fresh berries and mint in there. Starting the day with water will increase your body’s hydration which will affect all your cells and leave you feeling refreshed. Our bodies are around 70% water so they deserve to be replenished with some pure water.

Fresh lemon water is a great start to the day


  1. Have a fresh juice or smoothie full of fruits and veggies. You could start your day with one, which would be the best option. Apples, Bananas, Berries, Kale, Celery, Mangoes…the list goes on. Endless combinations full of nutrients. You could easily whizz up a handful of fresh or frozen berries, a couple of bananas, a small handful of kale leaves and a cup of coconut water. You won’t even know the kale is in there!
  1. Don’t tell yourself you “can’t” have something. Never say this to yourself! Our brains are wired to keep us alive and meet our survival needs, so as soon as you say you can’t have something, your brain senses a kind of famine, and want’s to eat to ensure it won’t be deprived of food of any kind. This is exactly why ‘diets’ don’t often work for the long term and you often gain back any weight you lost. So nothing is off limits, BUT you know what foods are likely to make you feel good (fruits, veggies, wholegrains etc) and which ones aren’t (fast food, refined foods), so focus on that and decide to choose more foods which would make you feel good, knowing that the other foods will always be there and you could have them if you wanted.
  1. Enjoy fitness classes. Maybe you have a gym membership but never seem motivated to go. Try a class instead. It will only take a few times of pushing yourself to go and it will become easier to put on the trainers and work out. By doing a class instead of using gym equipment, you become more confident by having someone lead the way, and then you may feel more inclined to use other equipment in the gym as your confidence is boosted. Exercise increases endorphins and feel good hormones. Why not see what The Fitness Pantry in York has to offer!
  1. Start adding more vegetables to your meals. We’re here again, saying don’t try and make massive leaps like switching your huge roast dinner for a simple salad. Instead, try adding more vegetables or raw salad to your current meals. Incorporate them into more dishes, or eat a handful of tomatoes and cucumber before lunch, and start your last meal of the day with a salad and still eat what you would normally have. If you keep doing this until it’s a natural habit, eating healthier will be easier and you’ll feel more ready to switch up a few meals and enjoy the taste of fresh vegetables.

Just add more veggies!


  1. Look up healthier recipes of your favourite treats. Brownies, Mince Pies, Cookies, Chips, Pasta….these can all be made more wholesome and fresh, which means you still feel like you’re eating what you want so there’s no deprivation, but your body will be more nourished and happier.
  1. Show yourself more love. This is probably the most important. Do things that make you happy. Say no sometimes when you want to and don’t feel guilty, instead of always saying yes to please others. Take up a hobby that you love. Have a warm bubble bath. Go for a walk in nature. We can be more hard on ourselves than we realise, running away from our emotions, putting everyone else before ourselves and constantly beating ourselves up for not being good enough. Well, this Christmas, give yourself the gift of knowing you are as worthy as anyone, and taking ‘me time’ is a necessity. By starting in the mind, being more loving to yourself from within, it will help you make choices that bring more health and happiness to YOU. Have a great Christmas!


Take small, nourishing steps towards a better you!



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