Getting to know Goddard’s

Getting to know Goddard’s

When you’re driving along Tadcaster Road, you’ll see the row of gorgeous houses, fantastic views of the racecourse and then an ornate entrance leading to, “Goddard’s”.  From the street, you won’t know what to fully expect, and even when you hear that it’s the home of the infamous Terry’s family, you still won’t be prepared for what’s hiding behind the bricked walls.

A beautiful home, created by Walter Henry Brierly in the 1920’s, surrounded by 4 acres of landscaped gardens is the old home of Noel Terry – the well loved Chocolatier.  During his reign, Terry’s brought us the infamous Chocolate Orange, but also the Chocolate Lemon, and even Chocolate Apple!  I can’t be the only one who would love to give the Chocolate Apple a whirl?


Goddard’s now belongs to the National Trust, and they’ve worked to open up certain areas of the house to give you a perfect glimpse into the Noel’s family home.  Pop in and you can view the drawing room, playroom, bedroom, dining room, and a fantastic exhibition space that showcases the history of Terry’s.

My first stop was the drawing room, and you’re pulled straight into their world.  Fabulous furniture, with a particular favourite being the ornate desk settled in the corner.  History tells us that when seducing his wife to be, Noel traded over 800 letters with Kathleen.  To commemorate this, guests to Goddard’s are asked to sit at the desk, and write a letter to someone who they wish could be there with them.  I thought this a beautiful notion, and when I sat at the desk, I found heart felt letters written out to parents, siblings and friends that were filled with beautiful words and inspiring quotes.


The whole home is filled with stunning mementos, that give you a fantastic glimpse into their world.  Some of it is beautiful and inspiring, like the toy filled playroom, but there are of course some of the harder parts of their life being shared.  Noel and Kathleen Terry lost one of their sons to the war, but never found out what happened to him.  In the upstairs bedroom, you’ll find a moving tribute to their beloved son.

It would be easy to wonder how true to history this home is.  How much is simple recreation of an idea?  Well, Noel and Kathleen’s daughter, Betty, has seen the home and even had her 90th birthday celebration there!  Imagine, coming into your family home and seeing it open the public, with people queuing to celebrate your family and their achievements.



The Goddard’s house is a truly wonderful experience, and a real hidden gem in York.  A rare place where you can soak up some knowledge, sit out in the garden, and you can even round up your visit with a trip to the dining room.  Enjoy homemade soup, tasty cream tea, or of course….the Chocolate Orange Cake!



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