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REVIEW: Revolution York!

When we were invited into Revolution York to enjoy a lunch, we didn’t really know what to expect.  My younger years meant that the word Revolution had me thinking of Vodka Shots and Cocktails – and not a typical hangout for food with friends.  I have of course previously been in Revolution York, but always on a night and always

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy!

Welcome December! Probably the most awkward month of the year. You wanted to be in great shape for the work Christmas party, as well as Christmas day. But there’s temptation everywhere – chocolates, mince pies, alcohol. You don’t want to feel deprived, but never seem to get anywhere feeling healthier or happier, so each December feels exactly the same as

Holistic Therapies – Paraffin Wax Therapy

Would you like relief from the pain and stiffness in your hands due to Arthritis? We’re delighted to be offering Everything York Readers a special offer on a Paraffin Wax Heat Therapy!  Enjoy a wonderful wax treatment on your hands and feet, for only £20.00.  Simply call up, and quote “Everything York” on booking. Benefits Heat therapy can help relieve the

Melrose Organic – So What is Gluten?

Gluten free foods are cropping up everywhere, with restaurants getting on board and offering gluten free dishes, and even supermarkets now have aisles dedicated to gluten free foods. If you’re not ‘gluten free’ yourself, chances are you know someone who is. But what is all the fuss about, what is gluten, and should we be avoiding it? Gluten is the

Fitness Pantry – Its all about the Core

Say the word core to people and immediately the image of six-packs and endless amount of crunches comes into their heads. However both of these things have nothing to do with having or building strong core stability. Core stability is so important for everybody. Having a strong core prevents injury, supports your back and makes all movement easier. Im not

Fitness Pantry – The Healthy Snack Alternative

The one thing many people ask me about healthy eating is what can I eat for snacks? I’m not going to be like other trainers and say eat nothing because I feel snacks are important. There is a lot of people who will suggest eating six smaller meals a day instead of three larger meals but we need to be

Melrose Organic – The New Kitchen Staples

In this month’s blog post we’re going to round up the latest foods which are gaining popularity and even finding their way into supermarkets. These items are great kitchen staples, so we’ll explain what they are, why they are beneficial and some of their wonderful uses. Coconut Oil Coconut Oil is possibly one of the greatest things you could have

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Fitness Pantry – What’s Yoga All About?

What’s Yoga All About? Many people are put off from trying yoga due to the false and stereotypical image portrayed by the media. Most images show slim women performing a particular asana (position) while on a beach or a mountain top, however that’s not what yoga is about. Yoga is for everyone. I teach men and women of all different

Fitness Pantry – What’s in Your Lunchbox?

Whats in your lunchbox?  When I was a kid there was nothing better than opening my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lunch box and seeing what my mum had made me for lunch time. Now the summer holidays are over, it’s time for the kids to go back to school, so that means labelling endless amount of new uniform, packing books

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The Juice about Cold Pressed – Melrose Organic

If you haven’t heard the words ‘green juice’ by now, you probably should. They are taking over Instagram and fridges around the globe. And it’s not just green juices; carrots, beetroots and watermelons are making an appearance too. These kinds of juices are rapidly growing in popularity and popping up everywhere, and what they have in common is what they

Breakfast The Fitness Pantry Way!

Its been a busy two weeks relocating The Fitness Pantry from London to York. Classes are up and running, Yoga has been bursting at the seams and even the Yorkshire weather has been kind for our outdoor exercise training. This is my first blog for everything York and I will be sharing my tips fortnightly on how to live a

York Railway Station

York has its image of a beautiful, tranquil City full of gorgeous architecture, bustling restaurants and independent stores.  But, lets spare a thought for York Railway Station – an absolute hub of bustle and excitement in the heart of the city.  You’ll come across business people rushing through the crowds, tourists dragging their bags and hailing down taxis, older couples sitting

St.Leonard’s Hospital

A true diamond in the heart of York, is St. Leonard’s Hospital.  Old ruins from a hospital that ran from 1137-1539.  This was a highly religious church, and you can sense this in the remains, which at first glace, look like the remains of an old church.  Even the sick in this hospital weren’t allowed to be treated until their

Tour De Yorkshire

Website:  Visit the Tour De Yorkshire Website Here Check out our pictures from when Tour De Yorkshire hit York! Don’t forget to share your pictures!      

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The Shrine of Margaret Clitherow

When people visit York, they are always sure to visit the Shambles.  A stunning old street, with some buildings that date back to the 14th Century.  Overhanging, timber framed buildings that are truly magical and attracts tourists like honey! The street is lined with quaint little shops, and cutesy cafes, but hidden among these gems, is something truly worth stopping

Little Italy in Little ol’ York

Italian is my favourite type of food ever.  But, after I visited Ask, and Jamie’s, I came to a stand still of where next in York? And then I heard about Little Italy!  A gorgeous little Italian deli and restaurant, selling homemade pasta, delicious Italian pastries, and rich Ragu sauce.  This is the kind of place where you’ll find people

A night of Zen!

After walking past the beautiful building that is Cedar Court, day after day on my way home from work, it was finally time to venture in and experience the zen that is stunning hotel has to offer.  This was a two year build up, so I was expecting wonderful things!  And if I’m honest, I was in need of some down

Gray’s Court – the perfect hideaway in York

Yesterday became one of those perfect days for ambling around York – and ideal for discovering new places.  Usually this is a new shop or perhaps restaurant.  But wandering York yesterday looking for some inspiration, I spotted the sign for Gray’s Court Hotel.  I’ve heard many a thing about this boutique hotel but never even seen it, let alone been

Mannion’s, Cote and lot’s of shopping!

  Today was an unusual day – where I didn’t have a thing to do except enjoy York.  The plan would usually be to visit some museums, and just be my usual cultural self… Instead, I opted for a lazy morning on the sofa (and didn’t want Jeremy Kyle for 2 hours…), before heading into town for a lot of

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The Imaginarium

An amazing store on Blake Street, with the most weird and wonderful items to gawp at and lust after. When shopping in York, always make time for this store and its ever changing stock that is always current to the season.   During my visit it was festive baubles and peacocks…obviously. And the obligatory corpse in the window. Address: Blake

Quirky Gems!

By Ben Thorpe In my first two articles for I’ve helped you locate York’s finest lesser-known coffee shops and pubs, so while I’m working on something to help you exploit one of York’s best-known landmarks to find a few new spots to check out, here’re a few more quirky local attractions well worth searching out.   Cold War Bunker

30 Years of Fenwick York

As a standard shopaholic, when I received the invitation for a shopping evening at Fenwick York I was excited.  A night of prosecco and canapés to celebrate the store’s 30th year! The store stands in the Coppergate Centre, and offers everything from homeware, toys, fashion and of course beauty counter and spa galore.  As standard, this is a great shopping stop

Quirky Gems – Coffee Shops

By Ben Thorpe This piece was meant to be the second stop in a series on York’s hidden gems after considering our city’s underexposed pubs last time out. My original intent was to draw out smaller establishments who maybe don’t get the same press coverage as the big guns but when considering the city’s many coffee houses it’s really tricky

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Quirky Gems – Pubs

By Ben Thorpe There aren’t a massive number of things York has in unusually large numbers. Just the one train station, usual quantity of shops, typical number of large employers, not really enough road space and so on. I’d hazard a guess that we’ve more churches than the norm but the one thing that really sticks out is the number


Mother’s Day in York!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and the ideal way to spoil the most important lady in our life.  With an abundance of things to do in the city of York on the 15th March, we’ve put together our top 5 gift ideas for Mum! Treat her to a delicious dinner at Cote Restaurant: My absolute favourite restaurant in York is


Lunch at VJ’s

The weather in York has been glorious lately, and it means we can now fill our days strolling through the Shambles, feeding squirrels in the park, and for some reason, eat out a lot. It took me nearly hour of walking around Swinegate, reading numerous menus, and I still found myself at my ol’ favourite, “VJ’s Art Bar”.  So this isn’t


Valentine’s Day in York

Some say it’s just commercial, and some categorise it as the most romantic day of the year.  I’m kind of on the fence, but I certainly enjoyed finding 5 of the best places in York to enjoy Valentine’s Day! 1. York Minster – Heart of Yorkshire Venture to York Minster and head over to the Great West Window, where you’ll find the


The Fake Florist

I had to share a pic of this beautiful shop! Can’t wait to pop in soon and pick out a Kitchen Centre Piece. Do check it out the next time you’re in York, but in the mean time you can check them out at: Facebook: Enjoy! x