The Bar Convent

The Bar Convent

The Bar Convent is a perfectly hidden gem in the heart of York, with a wonderful story behind it.  In fact, you’d be forgiven for walking past the convent, and not realising what you’re missing.

Behind those modest doors, lies the oldest living Convent in the UK, which now homes a Museum, Cafe, Meeting Rooms, Library and even a Guest House!

The Convent was established in 1686, by Frances Bedingfield, and the nuns who reside there are members of the Congregation of Jesus.  Mary Ward was the founder of CoJ, and she was an inspiration, as the ultimate feminist, who worked to give women the opportunity to be educated.


Visit the Convent now, and be amazed by the beauty behind those doors.  The chapel is truly stunning, and a real masterpiece hidden away in the building.  It’s even housing a treasured relic, which is near and dear to York.  Remember when we told you about Margaret Clitherow? (  Well, if you read that article, you’ll know what the relic is!



But the real surprise for me, was the guesthouse.  Before this article, I had no idea that you could stay at the convent, and certainly didn’t expect 22 bedrooms, stylishly renovated and decorated.  Definitely consider this if you’re planning a trip to York.

This week, we were thrilled to visit the Convent, to see the opening of their stunning museum exhibition.  It’s a fantastic way of celebrating the history of the convent, and a really entertaining way of educating.  Our favourite bit of the exhibit, was the video interviews with the Sister’s who live within the convent.  These women are truly captivating to watch, and we found their passion really inspiring.

If you’re planning a trip to York, keep an afternoon aside to visit the convent.  Enjoy the exhibit, dine in the cafe and then sit out in the gorgeous garden for a truly tranquil experience.



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