The Ghost Bus Tour!

The Ghost Bus Tour!

Walking through the dismal streets, I pulled my jacket around me – trying my best to pull as much warmth as possible from it’s flimsy fabric.  The air was icy around me, and rain was spitting down from above, causing a frightful frizz, and smeared makeup.

I stomped ahead faster, towards the looming buildings.  Their lights inside are casting an eerie shadow over the cracked cobbles and distressed drunks, that are staggering towards the towering railway station.  Finally, I see my destination.  A daunting box of nightmares and horror….The Ghost Bus!


After three years in York, we’re about to venture aboard the Bus, and tour the the highlights of the Most Haunted City in the UK.

I never really knew what to expect from the Ghost Bus Tour, but what a treat it is!  A tongue in cheek tour, that although it isn’t scary, is incredibly fun and down right silly.  A great way to spend an evening in York, and great for people of all ages!

Once on the bus, we got to know our tour leader, and watched “live” footage from within the Terry’s factory, before venturing out around the City.  We learnt about the Black Abbott, who is haunting the Museum Gardens, and did you know about the Grey Lady that lingers in the Theatre Royal?  Her body was bricked into the walls of the theatre, after she was charged for committing some “naughty sins”!


The whole tour is spattered with guest appearances including Richard III, William the Conquerer AKA Billy the Conk (we love that name), and Dick Turpin, and we even had a detour to St.Crux, at the end of the Shambles.  Our visit also coincided with Illuminate York, so it was quite surreal hearing about ghosts and goblins, while disco balls spin overhead.  A camp but colourful way of listening to ghost stories!


The tour rounds up back near the Railway Museum, and you really will have spent the entire journey laughing.  The tour guide is a fantastic ball of energy, who does a great job of entertaining a whole load of guests, and there’s even time to get pictures with the entertainers.


This is a great way of spending an evening in York, and definitely a great way of entertaining the family.

Be brave, enjoy, and stay safe…..



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