The New Missoula Menu!

The New Missoula Menu!

We’re huge fans of Missoula York, and have spent many an evening filling up on burgers and sipping milkshakes.  So, you can imagine how tempting it was to be visiting them yet again, and enjoy their new menu.

We were thrilled to find a menu full of Texan charm, but with some diverse additions that really help make the menu pop!


The Menu

For your starter, you can warm up with a Carolina Pulled Pork, or how about Spicy Fishcakes or Garlic Butter Prawns?  You could even dive straight into Three Beef Sliders!

The Mains are where we see the biggest development though.  They still have their amazing Kebab and Burger section, but now it’s enhanced with delicious Deli options, Super Food Salads, and Seafood Mixed Grills.  Slow-cooked Beef Pie anyone?!

IMG_0184 IMG_0186

For desserts, we found a much more streamlined menu than previous visits.  7 tantalising desserts that are offering something for everyone:- including ice cream, cheesecake, lemon meringue pie, cherry pie.  But, we couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit disappointed that they no longer have their amazing waffles!!  Read our last review of Missoula here, and you’ll see the most amazing Banoffee Waffle and understand why we were looking out for it.


The drinks menu alone is enough to get your tastebuds tingling, with an incredible wine menu, creative cocktails and even mocktails. Apple Mojito anyone?!

The Atmosphere

Still a trendy, relaxed restaurant, with the perfect balcony to have drinks on, and amazing lighting that makes for good pictures with friends!

The perfect hang out with friends, and even the perfect start to a night out.


The service that you’ll get here is the real highlight of your trip.  Friendly staff, full of recommendations. The night that we attended was really busy, and you could tell they weren’t prepared for it!  But every time they came to our table, they were nothing but attentive.


Address: Merchant Exchange, 1 Bridge Street, York, YO1 6DD



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