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Sunday Lunch at Thomas’s of York!

When you wander past Thomas’s of York you’d be forgiven for not quite knowing what to expect when you walk through those doors.  Royalty peer down at you from the windows, juxtaposed against food menus and karaoke posters!  Weird right? Well, venture in and you’ll find a whole pub full of quirky furniture, hilarious posters, over the top décor and….weird

The New Missoula Menu!

We’re huge fans of Missoula York, and have spent many an evening filling up on burgers and sipping milkshakes.  So, you can imagine how tempting it was to be visiting them yet again, and enjoy their new menu. We were thrilled to find a menu full of Texan charm, but with some diverse additions that really help make the menu

The Ghost Bus Tour!

Walking through the dismal streets, I pulled my jacket around me – trying my best to pull as much warmth as possible from it’s flimsy fabric.  The air was icy around me, and rain was spitting down from above, causing a frightful frizz, and smeared makeup. I stomped ahead faster, towards the looming buildings.  Their lights inside are casting an

Tasty Bites at Dough!

Bootham is becoming quite the place to dine out, with a whole load of little cafes and restaurants lining the streets.  And the latest one that caught our eye was, “Dough”.  As I was walking down Bootham, I was hit by the most amazing smell of pastry and bread – and I knew I’d made it to my destination. This

Decadent night dining at Middlethorpe Hall

I love dining out.  I love the fact that there is no cutting onions, no dishes to wash, and no lingering smell of burnt pasta in the kitchen.  But, my favourite part of eating out, is getting dressed up and feeling fancy!  Not that my usual haunts always justify dressing up – so I was incredibly excited to be invited

A Spot of Heaven at Middlethorpe Spa

Things have been a bit crazy recently in the Everything York office, and the prospect of visiting Middlethorpe Hall and Spa was the perfect silver lining on a very busy cloud. I live incredibly close to Middlethorpe Hall, but had never been lucky enough to pop in.  So, when I finally ventured over, I made sure it was the perfect

A Tasty Treat at Cake D’Licious!

On a lazy afternoon, milling around York, it was the perfect time to pop in to quirky little café and enjoy a deliciously, tempting Afternoon Tea!  Cake D’Licious has been on our “To Do” list for a long time, and it truly was worth the wait.  A beautiful little tearoom which has really taken the Vintage Afternoon Tea trend to

A Night at Bennett’s Bistro

The lovely people over at Bennett’s Bistro were kind enough to invite us over for a delicious meal on a Friday night.  I’d heard a lot of good things, but the food we enjoyed surpassed all expectations! The Menu The menu is simple yet delicious.  During the day, there’s a great café menu of toasted items, and breakfast – and on

A Trip to Missoula Bar & Grill in York City Centre

We visited Missoula York on a quiet Monday night in York, and enjoyed a night of delicious shakes, burgers and ribs! The perfect venue for a night out with friends, and food that leaves you feeling well and truly full!

Feeling like a Yorkie in Your Bike Shed!

Your Bike Shed is a relatively new café, to be found on Micklegate, and I was thrilled to be reviewing it, because I have to be honest, I go there all the time: and I’m not even a cyclist.

Rustique Bar & Bistro

Take a trip to Rustique when craving some delicious, traditional French cuisine. After opening in 2004 on Castlegate, Rustique has expanded and you can now enjoy their food on Lendal, which is where we went on a Friday night for a delicious three course meal.

Angela Parkinson Facials

You can imagine my delight when offered the chance to review this company. I even gave up my Sunday afternoon to experience the facial…I’m good like that.

A Naughty Afternoon of Chocolate in York Cocoa House

York Cocoa House is the must see chocolate experience in York City Centre, and the perfect drop off point for tourists and residents.

Jamie’s Italian York

Here at Everything York, we were very excited when Jamie’s Italian opened in York and have been in for Funky Chips numerous times! However, there was always an element of enjoying the atmosphere more than the food offering itself.

Goji Vegetarian Cafe

As a Veggie, I’m not always used to choice. In a restaurant I tend to look out for the little green “v”‘s on the menu (usually narrows me down to 3 choices), and then I pick my favourite from either a burger, a risotto or a salad.

The perfect place for a vegetarian to dine out – El Piano!

If you just wander past El Piano on Grape Lane, you’ll notice the warm colours, the bright signage and sometimes balloons! But what I never noticed was that this is a Vegan and Coeliac friendly restaurant! How did I miss this?!

Carluccio’s York

I absolutely love Italian food. I love thick tomato sauce, I love copious amounts of garlic, I love stodgy, buttery garlic bread and I LOVE spaghetti. When Carluccio’s in Fenwick York first opened, I went in to pick up a hamper as a birthday gift for a colleague.

The Graduate York

We were thrilled at Everything York to be invited to The Graduate for a delicious meal on a Thursday night. I’d been in previously, but with it’s new refurbishment and student friendly menus, I was very excited to see the changes.